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The Visual Art Department is honored to give our students an education grounded in visual fundamentals, critical thinking and creative expression. The classes offered are designed to introduce new students to basic and essential art knowledge and skills, allow all students to explore new techniques and create art that deepens their talent level. We offer beginner to advanced art classes for students at all levels.

Art teacher at HMHS: Cindy Mooers

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Art hall

abstract piece done by Taylor

Featured Art

Houlton Middle/High School

Charli Hanscom

by Charlie

Elizabeth Dahlk

by Elizabeth

LilliAnn Fitzpatrick

by LilliAnn

Tristan Cook

by Tristan

Taylor McAtee

by Taylor

David Dahlk

by David

Matayo Hiebert

by Matayo

Willow Horch

by Willow