About RSU 29

RSU 29 serves the towns of Houlton, Hammond, Littleton, and Monticello.  We are located in Southern Aroostook County in beautiful Northern Maine.

RSU 29 Mission

The Education Community of RSU 29 encourages the growth, high aspirations, and quality standards for its students and staff.  We respect responsible risk-taking and decision-making, value individual differences, and recognize that learning never ends.  RSU 29 takes pride in the achievement of our community and provides an open and safe environment, which nurtures positive self-esteem and fosters mutual respect.  

RSU 29 Belief Statements
1. Students need to take responsibility for their own learning, with support from parents, community, and school staff.
2. Students and staff are capable of learning and deserve an atmosphere that accepts and values differences.
3. Students and staff need to be lifelong learners, problem solvers, and responsible risk-takers.
4. Students and staff need to communicate effectively.
5. Students and staff need to be responsible, respectful members of their community.
6. Students and staff will strive to achieve district standards.

RSU 29 Word of the Year