Health Services

The Health Services Office serves all of RSU 29 schools. Our team consists of three full-time registered nurses. We have several volunteers who help with various projects throughout the school year as well.

Our goal is to provide support services to RSU 29 students by caring for their health-related concerns during the school day. This includes the provision of first-aid for injuries, care for students who become ill during the school day, and creation and implementation of Individualized Health Care Plans as necessary. 

Health Screenings

School nurses provide vision/hearing screenings for grades PreK, K, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. Baseline concussion testing for athletes.

Eye Health Informational Toolkit for Parents/Caregivers

Dental Health

The school nurse coordinates the fluoride varnish program at HES/HSS as well as dental sealants for students in specific elementary grades. 

You may reach the Health Services Office at Houlton Middle/High School at 538-3815, the Elementary School at 538-3945, and Southside at 538-3878.  Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions.  We are available from 7:45 AM – 3:00 PM each school day. 


RSU 29 requires the following for participation on an interscholastic sports team:

• A pre-participation sports physical examination every 2 years between grades six and high school graduation.

• The Pre-participation Physical Evaluation, Insurance Statement, and Physical Examination Form (form to be filled out by physician).

• Please note that if there has been a serious incident or accident the student would need a new physical or letter of clearance from his or her medical provider.

Please call 538-3858 or 538-3815 if you have any questions.

Kathleen McCormick RN, BSN

Houlton Elementary School

Phone: 538-3945

Fax: HES 538-3120

Harmony Russell RN, BSN

Houlton Southside School

Phone: 538-3878

Fax: HSS 538-3140

Holly Hodgkins RN, BSN

Houlton Middle/High School

Phone: 538-3815

Fax: HMHS 538-3019